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What are the different types of Amber textures? Raw - Frosted - Polished

Raw - Frosted - Polished oh my!   What are all these types of Amber and how are they made? In its natural state Amber has a rough outer coating which is known as raw.☀️ Amber jewelers then use a fine bit sander to remove some of this outer coating to create Frosted Amber which is a soft matte finish. ☀️ To create polished Amber the jeweler continues to sand off the outer layer to reveal Amber’s shiny center! Sometimes this look is also created through a tumbling process. ☀️ The term polished can be deceiving as no coating is added to the Amber beads. Ambers center is naturally shiny and the sanding process just removes the outer layers to...

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Baltic Amber Rainbow - What colors does Baltic Amber Come In?

• BALTIC AMBER RAINBOW •Baltic Amber is found naturally in a beautiful assortment of colors ranging from deep, rich cherry that almost looks black through beautiful, sunny, translucent lemon. Some colors are translucent where light reflects through them while others are milky! Shown above you see Cherry, Cognac and Honey.  Interesting fact: the reason amber comes in varying shades is due to how many microscopic bubbles formed when the tree resin was hardening. The more bubbles the lighter the shade of amber! Inclusions such as flecks of bark, plants, bugs was also impact the color of the amber. A common question I receive about the shades of Baltic Amber is whether the lighter tones are more effective or potent. I...

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What is Baltic Amber?

WHAT IS B A L T I C A M B E R ?⠀Ever wonder what Baltic Amber is? Millions of years ago the Baltic Sea region in Europe was a forest of evergreen trees. These trees produces a resin that seeped from it. This resin resisted thousands of years of decay and was preserved under ocean sediment. The extreme weight of the ocean sediment placed great pressure on the resin and turned it into the Amber we have today! So unlike other gemstones such as Diamonds and Agate, Amber is an organic material made of living things and was not created via geological processes! Pretty neat huh? BUT THATS NOT EVEN THE COOLEST PART!⠀ Due to the fact that...

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