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Is Amber jewelry safe for children?

Amber is a non toxic and all natural substance. When worn against the skin it is warmed up and then releases it's all natural pain relieving properties known as succinic acid into the body.

Amber jewelry is NOT for chewing on. Children should be supervised at ALL times while wearing jewelry. Jewelry should be removed during nap/bed times. Jewelry should also be removed if a child is being supervised by adults whom are not consistently attentive to a child for example: daycare or when a child is participating in activities where jewelry could get caught on extraneous objects such as classes where physical activity is the focus. Jewelry of all kinds pose a choking hazard.

Federal regulations prohibit recommending products that contain small parts for children under 3 years of age. Beaming Amber Sun, LLC does not encourage the use of Amber jewelry for children under the age of 3. 

Is your Amber genuine Baltic Amber?

Our Amber is certified genuine Baltic Amber! We source our Amber from a member of the International Amber Association, located in Gdansk, Poland. The IAA only allows member into their organization who follow protocols to ensure that they are wholesaling and making products with genuine Baltic Amber. There are many companies who make jewelry out of non authentic Amber beads leading to a market being exposed to forgeries. The goal of the IAA is to ensure that this does not happen and that buyers of Amber attain a product that is genuine and not a forgery. Our vendor sends Amber to the International Amber Association for infra-red spectroscopy testing. This is the only guaranteed method of determining whether Amber is genuine.

Sizing details

Amber necklaces come in varied lengths as you want to ensure that a child cannot put their necklaces in their mouth! It is very important to measure a child before purchasing amber jewelry to ensure that the correct size is ordered. 

Amber is not for chewing and can pose a choking hazard. Adult supervision is always recommended while children are wearing jewelry. 

To determine which size would best fit your child:

Necklace: Measure their neck with a soft measuring tape and add 1 inch. The necklace will fit a minimum of that many inches for your child.

Bracelet/Anklet: Measure the child's ankle or wrist with a soft measuring tape and add .5 inch. Jewelry will not roll off the child if measuring correctly.

Tension Release Safety Clasp

All children’s jewelry created Beaming Amber Sun, LLC is made with a Tension Release Safety Clasp. USA safety regulations require children’s jewelry (jewelry for age 12 and under) to be breakaway. This clasp is a barrel pop clasp. To open and close jewelry place both hands on either side of the clasp and gently pull with a left to right rocking motion. The safety pop clasp is designed to pop open for removal. Avoid pulling on the string of beads of the necklace. Removal of the necklace in this manner could result in unseating the string within the clasp and will void the warranty of the necklace.

Children should be supervised at all times while wearing jewelry as breakaway clasps are not a 100% choking preventive measure.


What does RTS mean in your shop?

Items in our shop are broken down into two production periods. The first is Ready to Ship, also known as RTS. These items are in our physical inventory and ship within 48 hours. If a size variation has the letters RTS next to it, for example: 11 inches - RTS then it is Ready to Ship. Listings without RTS are considered made to order variations. This means that they are not in our physical on hand inventory and must be made by Christina the owner of Beaming Amber Sun. These items ship typically within 3-5 business days but can take up to a week at times depending on busy seasons.

Gift wrapping and packaging

All orders are shipped in a recyclable bubble poly mailer to protect your jewelry from damage in transit to you! Peace! Love! Recycle!

Jewelry comes in a handy unbleached linen hand stamped draw string bag to keep your jewelry safe in. It is accompanied by a care instruction card so that you will be able to care for your jewelry the best way possible! When taken care of well, Amber jewelry can last for many years and be passed down for generations as a family heirloom.